Playable Works Of Art

At Molter Custom Guitars, we have been custom building handcrafted instruments for two generations. Each custom built guitar is a one of a kind piece of art. All acoustic guitars and electric guitars are completely constructed by hand. Each appointment, custom inlay, or option is decided by the customer, not the luthier. You can be assured your guitar will be unique.

I strive to create a guitar that is visually striking and one that will stop someone in their tracks.

Often times people who are not guitar players will stop and look at the beauty of the guitars. Some stop because they notice the magnificent figure of the wood, the custom inlays, or the engravings. It is a very fulfilling experience for me, when someone who knows nothing about guitars, stops and asks questions about my work and I can see their appreciation of the craftsmanship and materials of my instruments.

A guitar should sound and play as magnificently as it looks.

Seeing the expressions of excitement on the true musician’s face is as enjoyable for me as it is for them playing the instrument that has everything they have been looking for.

I work with the customer to find out what they expect in their custom guitar.

Everyone has their own unique playing style, preference of tone, appointments and many other aspects they want to see incorporated into their instrument. Once all of this is decided by the customer, I will give my opinion on how we can accomplish all of their expectations. It is my pleasure to build someone a guitar that they have always dreamed of owning but could never find in a music store.