Listed below are descriptions of our standard models to choose from when designing the guitar of your dreams.

OOO (Triple O)

The OOO is a midsize guitar offering a sound that any player, from the recording artist to the occasional church musician, will enjoy. The OOO’s shape is not too big or too small. It is a very comfortable guitar that delivers a big sound without sacrificing tone. With the optional depths offered, this guitar will be able to satisfy any playing style. The OOO also comes in two different cutaway versions. The standard cutaway and the benign cutaway.

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The Parlor model is a wonderful small bodied guitar that is great to play just for the shear enjoyment. Although this guitar is small, you will be surprised with the sound that it produces. Like the 000, it is equipped with a scalloped X-Bracing system that creates the best tone, volume, and sustain available.

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These hand carved solid bodies are beautiful instruments that are a joy to play. A 1¼-inch solid mahogany body creates incredible sustain and tone while the maple cap gives all the highs you need. With the standard set neck or the optional thru body, this guitar will blow you away.

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The DCS was designed in collaboration with Dale Cockley. The DCS is a thin bodied acoustic that was designed to be “plugged in” and is a stage musicians dream. It is contstructed with one piece hollowed mahogany body. The top is braced with the same scalloped x-bracing that I use on all of my acoustics. It comes standard with an K & K pure country acoustic pickup with volume control. The thin body of this guitar makes for a very comfortable playing instrument that comes alive when it is plugged in.

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DCS Bent Sides

This guitar has the same shape as the DCS but with bent sides similar to a normal acoustic. The bent sides version has the same top bracing as the DCS and is deeper. It also has specially designed sound holes on the upper bout of the players side. This has a wonderful acoustic sound and combining a lipstick pickup along with the K & K acoustic pickup gives this guitar a multitude of options for the player.

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Cigar Box Guitars

I have just started making Cigar Box Guitars. I will build 3 string and 4 string models. I will also build license plate guitars in the cigar box style. The combinations are endless with such a variety of boxes. The fun part of building these instruments are that they are very unique and somewhat quirky. I will put a variety of pickups in these guitars such as humbuckers, single coils, lipstick, and piezos. They all will actually produce a surprisingly great electric sound. I will offer these with matching 1 watt cigar box amps. The potability of these little amps will allow you to play just about anywhere.