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It has been a long time since I have made a post here on my website but here goes. 2011 was a very strange and slow year for me and my guitar making. I completed 1 guitar for a customer and started 2 others. I am almost finished with my quilted mahogany DCS that I have been working on forever. It will be a spec guitar that doesn’t have an owner…Yet. The other guitar I started is an indian rosewood 8 string baritone model.

 I haven’t got very far with these guitars because’ I guess I am going through a midlife crisis. I bought 2 vintage motorcycles and I have been trying my hand at restoring  them. I have actually sold one of the bikes and have been concentrating on restoring the remaining bike , a 1964 Yamaha . I have also been restoring a 1990 Jeep Wrangler. I guess I have been watching to much “Orange County Choppers” and telling myself I can do just as good a job as they do .  I guess I figure that if I can build an acoustic guitar from a log I can tackle restoring a little motorcycle and a Jeep. We will see how they come out.

With all that said, I want to let everyone know that I still am in the guitar making business. It is my true passion. If you have always wanted a custom guitar please don’t hesitate to contact me and we can talk about how you want your dream guitar to be.


I just wanted to post this about the constant e-mails I receive on my website that ask if I can teach people how to make guitars. I am flattered with the interest that so many people would love to be my apprentice. I unfortunately do not have the time to teach the many years of knowledge that I acquired through trial and error . I wish I had as many custom orders for guitars as I have had requests to learn the art of lutherie. If I did, I would become a very busy man with a very long waiting list. Thanks again for the interest in my craft. Don’t give up , keep looking


I was in my shop working on a guitar when I heard an advertisement on the TV. I was not paying to much attention to the add until I heard what was being said. I heard “My name is Dale and my aha moment came when I was playing my guitar”. This wasn’t exactly what was said but that’s what I heard and it caught my attention.  I stopped what I was doing and looked up and realized that the Dale on the commercial was Dale Cockley. Dale is a good friend of mine, that I have made 4 guitars for. He is the inspiration in my DCS model. His story on that commercial was about how he was playing his guitar “baby” at The Ronald Mcdonald House and a little girl came up to him and listened to him play. The little girl had just had a cochlear implant and his guitar playing was the first music she ever heard. Dale was very emotional in the video and when I realized it was one of my guitars that  made the first music that little girl ever heard, I got very emotional myself. It really made me think that my gift, for making guitars, is really a gift from God, that he has given me, to glorify him. I am not much of a guitar player. I consider myself more of a woodworker than a guitarist. There is definately a reason I make guitars. God knows what that reason is, and the more I realize his plan in my life, the more it makes sense. Maybe that is the reason I decided to make a guitar for Chris Tomlin. It also might be the reason I finished constructing the guitar the  day before his concert, that just so happened to be in my city at my Church.

Check out Dale’s Aha Moment that has his testimonial . http//


I finally got to deliver the benign cutaway to my favorite performing artist “Chris Tomlin”. Myself and my family were so excited to be able to meet Chris and give him this guitar. He really inspires me with his music and hopefully this guitar will inspire him to keep writing unbelievable songs and performing all over the world.


  Pretty soon I will begin a guitar for my favorite performing artist.  His music is so inspiring, meaningful, and incredible that he has been awarded several National awards, and been voted the Favorite artist in his genre multiple times. It will be an honor to build this guitar for him and hopefully he will play it all over the world and inspire others like he has inspired me.  Pictures coming soon.