I was in my shop working on a guitar when I heard an advertisement on the TV. I was not paying to much attention to the add until I heard what was being said. I heard “My name is Dale and my aha moment came when I was playing my guitar”. This wasn’t exactly what was said but that’s what I heard and it caught my attention.  I stopped what I was doing and looked up and realized that the Dale on the commercial was Dale Cockley. Dale is a good friend of mine, that I have made 4 guitars for. He is the inspiration in my DCS model. His story on that commercial was about how he was playing his guitar “baby” at The Ronald Mcdonald House and a little girl came up to him and listened to him play. The little girl had just had a cochlear implant and his guitar playing was the first music she ever heard. Dale was very emotional in the video and when I realized it was one of my guitars that  made the first music that little girl ever heard, I got very emotional myself. It really made me think that my gift, for making guitars, is really a gift from God, that he has given me, to glorify him. I am not much of a guitar player. I consider myself more of a woodworker than a guitarist. There is definately a reason I make guitars. God knows what that reason is, and the more I realize his plan in my life, the more it makes sense. Maybe that is the reason I decided to make a guitar for Chris Tomlin. It also might be the reason I finished constructing the guitar the  day before his concert, that just so happened to be in my city at my Church.

Check out Dale’s Aha Moment that has his testimonial . http//www.ahamoment.com/pg/moments/view/13742