Marty Head,  Molter Koa

I’ve played guitar for over 25 years and my Molter Koa is without a doubt the finest acoustic guitar I have ever played. I’ve owned around a dozen acoustics, many of which were high end Martins and Gibsons, and none of them compare to my Molter in craftsmanship, beauty, playability or tone. The sound of my Molter is perfectly balanced, with excellent volume and projection. Danny’s craftsmanship is truly first rate and he’s great to work with. I told him I had a Les Paul at home with the perfect neck size for me so he took measurements and made my acoustic neck identical to it. Talk about custom! He consulted with me during every step of the building process and sent digital pictures as he completed each step. It was truly a great experience. I’m currently deciding on the wood and specifications for a twelve string acoustic. I can’t wait! Thanks again Danny for a true work of art!


Marty Head ,  Rosewood and Sitka OOO Cutaway

Danny, I’m still loving my Rosewood/Bearclaw spruce acoustic. I wanted to wait until the honeymoon was over to make an unbiased judgement and now that I’ve had it for over a year I think I can do that. I really love the projection of this guitar. It truly is a cannon. It has the precise thumping bass notes of an old Martin but sounds more balanced tonally than any other rosewood/spruce guitar that I have owned in the past. The playability is second to none. This is my second Molter and it definately won’t be my last! Thanks, Marty

Dale Cockley with Various Models

I had been playing guitar for nearly 40 years when I met Danny a few years ago. We were actually playing on the same softball team at the time. I’m not exactly sure I remember how we got talking about guitars but I mentioned that I was looking for a new one and he mentioned he made them. He came to practice one day with a picture album and some partly assembled guitars. I was floored by what I saw and I told him “If they sound as nice as they look I might think about buying one”. Long story short I decided to commission Danny to build my next guitar. We sat down and discussed the sound I was looking for in an acoustic and the problems I had come across finding the right one off the shelf. I also got to help in the design of the guitar to make it my own. I had been playing an Ovation Legend since ’76 and wanted a guitar that was as loud unplugged as an ovation but with more brightness. I also wanted a guitar that was unique and not the ordinary looking off the shelf guitar.

Not only did I get the exact tonality and sound quality I was looking for from my new guitar but the 3D quilted maple back and sides is absolutely amazing, as is the bear claw spruce front. The rosette we designed makes the guitar really stand out. I was so impressed with the craftsmanship and resulting sound that I immediately commissioned Danny to make a 12 string guitar. That guitar is an absolute work of art, like the first one, and they both play and sound better than any guitar I’ve every played, including top of the line Taylor’s, Martin’s and Gibson’s to name a few. I looked and played them all in my search. My Molter guitars are priceless as far as I am concerned. I have had my Molter 000 6 string for over a year and a half now and I still get excited every time I pick it up to play, and I am still amazed at the huge sound every time I play my Molter 12 string.

Thanks for your patience in helping me define what it was I was looking for, your craftsmanship in designing and building my dreams and your dad for teaching you this amazing craft of yours. And last but not least, thank you and your family for your friendship.