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Paul’s guitar is now officially named “Enrico”. As you can see in the pictures I have inlaid Paul’s logo in the back and have added curly koa nose block and tail block extensions as well. I bent the Macassar Ebony bindings and cut the binding and purfling channels. I have installed the arm bevel veneer (Macassar Ebony) and have glued the bindings and pearloid/abolone purfling. Other than finishing the guitar this is the most tedious parts of the build. Getting everything installed in the correct orientation, depth, and width is a many step process. All in all everything came out beautifully. I really like the stark contrast of the Macassar Ebony against the Quilted Maple and Sitka spruce. This guitar will really pop. I hope it sounds as good as it will look.


I have inlaid the headstock on Paul’s guitar. I have laser engraved the main image on a nice bookmatched piece of quilted maple. I used Purpleheart for the grapes and Lacewood for the leaves. I originally intended to use Abalone for the leaves but sometimes it doesn’t show up very well on maple. Instead I used lacewood which has a contrasting color against the maple and has alot of variegation in the grain. I think it came out very nice. I think I will also use lacewood for my logo as well. I am getting ready to make the first binding cuts as you can see the body in my binding jig. Getting closer to being a guitar.


I have been preparing the top, back and sides for closing of the box. I have redone the engraved label for the guitar because I did not like how the original looked. I have stamped the noseblock with the model and serial number and have drilled the holes for the bolt on neck. I radiused the sides with a 25 ft. for the top and a 15 ft for the back, I glued the top on first and you can see how the bracing is integrated into the kerfing and arm bevel. I then glued the back on…. and now the fun begins. Now I have to cut the binding ledges and form the arm bevel and laminate it. After this is completed I will fit the neck to the guitar, however this should take a little while. I also have a picture of the headstock that has been engraved and I will be inlaying the purpleheart and abalone. It’s a big day.


I forgot to post these pictures earlier and I just realized this after my last post. Anyway these pictures are of the curly Koa wedge that I installed. It also shows the mahogany Kerfing and side bracing installed. You can see the arm bevel installed and the cut on the sides that will be filed down at an angle and have a Macassar ebony veneer overlay. I am getting closer to gluing the top on this guitar after I shape the bevel on the top. After that I will glue the back and “close” the box.


I have started to capture the custom image of Paul’s logo. This logo was painted by his sister for his business that he started in memory of his Father. The painting was in watercolors and I had to define the image to make it work for an inlay. I have sized it to where it will fit nicely on the headstock. In the pictures you can see that I engraved a piece of purpleheart on the laser and will use the outline to cut the inlay into the quilted maple headstock. I will also use the outline to inlay abalone for the leaves of this logo. I have engraved the same logo onto the back of the guitar. The other picture is of all of the shavings from the back braces that I shaped before the back gets glued to the sides. I have installed the engraved label to the back as well.


I have got alot done on the DCS Acoustic for Paul G. I have glued the nose a tail blocks, I have glued the arm bevel brace and have also inlaid the fingerboard. Looking really nice



I am making alot of progress on Paul G’s guitar. I have joined the top and have prepared the bracing material along with sanding the bindings to thickness. I have also glued the 5 piece neck blank. In the pictures on this post you can see that the rosette has been installed, the X braces shaped and notched for the integration of the quilted maple bridge plate, side braces and glued to the top. I will shape or “fine tune” the braces a little more after the glue is set. I have shaped the back braces and glued the back joint reinforcement. I am waiting to glue the back braces because I am trying something new for my label.


I have been working on my latest guitar. It is a DCS Acoustic. It will have Quilted Maple back and sides, Bearclaw Sitka spruce top, Macassar Ebony fingerboard, Bridge, bindings, and Arm Bevel as well. It will feature a 5 piece neck with curly Maple,Quilted Maple and Purpleheart stringers. I decided I would make a new mold for this guitar because the old one was showing it’s age. I have milled the quilted maple lumber for the sides and have sanded them down along with the back to thickness. I have glued the neck pieces together and will be joining the back soon. I think this will be a beautiful guitar. Here are some pictures of the progress.


After almost 2 years dealing with multiple hacks to my website, a gentleman that really wanted to have a guitar commissioned got in contact with me by commenting on one of my blog posts. My original contact form had been removed from my site because it was not notifying me of anyone’s questions or inquiries. It was almost impossible for anyone to get in touch with me. However, thanks to his persistence I did in fact get in touch with him and he was actually someone interested in having a guitar built. Thanks to him I have added a new contact form and have switched web-hosting companies in hopes that I do not have anymore issues. With all of that being said I want to thank that new customer for allowing me to create a guitar for him and for giving me the motivation to get my website back in order.


I have been gone for quite a long time. Just over a year ago I started a new job. You might say it was a dream job. No its not working as a full time Luthier, it is a job with the PGA Tour. I got to pursue my other passion, golf, or at least working in the golf industry. It has been very awesome even with all of the challenges with COVID. I have really not had time to do any guitar work whatsoever. Hopefully that is about to change. I plan on starting to pick up the tools again and get after it. I have been watching alot of You Tube videos of Chris Alvarado of Driftwood Guitars. He makes some amazing instruments and he has really got me motivated again to get back in the shop and create some beautiful things. More to come .