I have been preparing the top, back and sides for closing of the box. I have redone the engraved label for the guitar because I did not like how the original looked. I have stamped the noseblock with the model and serial number and have drilled the holes for the bolt on neck. I radiused the sides with a 25 ft. for the top and a 15 ft for the back, I glued the top on first and you can see how the bracing is integrated into the kerfing and arm bevel. I then glued the back on…. and now the fun begins. Now I have to cut the binding ledges and form the arm bevel and laminate it. After this is completed I will fit the neck to the guitar, however this should take a little while. I also have a picture of the headstock that has been engraved and I will be inlaying the purpleheart and abalone. It’s a big day.