I have completed all of the drop fills and level sanded the entire guitar. In the pictures you can see some of the “shiny” spots on the surface of the guitar. The purpose of a level sand is to knock off all of the shiny and get down to a level surface on the lacquer. Then the top coats (final coats) can be sprayed on the guitar. Unfortunately the weather has not cooperated with me to be able to spray them. It has been very cool and damp here in Florida and in those conditions I just can’t spray because it will trap moisture in the lacquer and will make it cloudy. Especially with the top coats you have to have favorable conditions to get the best results and put down some thick coats that will be able to buff to a high gloss. In the pictures you can see that the guitar has incredible figure that is highlighted by the lacquer. I have only level sanded this guitar with 320 grit sand paper and it looks amazing. Just imagine when I spray the top coats and start the wet sanding buffing process. I start with 400 grit wet sand and go all the way to 2000 grit while buffing between grits. Getting closer . Come on Weather.