I am getting so close to finishing construction of Paul’s guitar. I have fretted the fingerboard and glued it to the neck. I have shaped the neck and removed everything that wasn’t guitar. As you can see from the pictures it creates such a mess when you use files and rasps to shape the neck but I really like the results going slow and deliberate. You can see how the 5 piece neck already shows some really nice figure even though I haven’t done a final sanding which will reveal the curly figure and even the quilted figure of the maple. I have cut the compensated saddle slot in the bridge and have located it. I also glued the headstock on the neck but unfortunately the overlay shifted when gluing and I was not satisfied with the result. I had to heat the headstock overlay off the neck and I will have to redo all of the inlays. This is a bummer but I did not want to settle for an inferior product. I have already glued a book-matched headstock overlay and will try to have the inlay completed very soon. When that is done and glued on the neck the guitar construction will be 99% complete. I will only have the heel cap left to glue on and to drill the holes for the tuning pegs. Then it is final sanding and getting ready for finish.