I am in the finishing stages of Enrico. I have completed all construction and have final sanded the guitar. I have included some pictures of the guitar somewhat put together before I sprayed it. Now I have sprayed 4 light coats on the guitar and you can really see the figure of the woods we selected for this build. The quilted maple back and sides really have some incredible figure. The top has great “Bearclaw” figure also. Don’t forget the 5 piece neck with curly maple, purpleheart, and quilted maple which looks awesome. I have to say my favorite is the headstock with the custom inlay of Paul’s logo. It has some very vibrant Purpleheart and Lacewood inlays that really pop. Next step will be to add several more coats of lacquer to build up the finish. I will level sand the guitar and will spray the top coats. After the top coats are applied I will let the guitar cure for about 2-3 weeks. After curing the wet sanding and buffing begins. After the buffing is complete I will glue on the bridge and start the completion process. Stringing up the guitar , leveling the fretboard and dressing the frets. Almost there!!!