Other “wood” intersts

     If you haven’t noticed, I really love working with beautifully figured wood. Being a guitar builder that uses several different kinds of exotic woods, I am constantly looking for some of the most beautiful pieces. I have a pretty nice collection of wood that I have bought with a particular idea for a new guitar. Unfortunately, most of my “nice collection”  will most likely never be used for guitar making. 

      However, I do have other interest besides guitar building. I am an avid hunter and sportsman. I have used some of my woodworking skills, and leftover guitar wood, to make some boutique turkey calls.  I also have combined my woodworking passion and my love for hunting by learning how to engrave gunstocks. Hopefully, I will soon be able to duplicate gunstocks and then engrave the new stock to make an old gun look like a custom boutique firearm. I also make heirloom quality jewelry boxes for the non hunters.

    So remember if you are interested in any of the items that I build don’t hesitate to ask. I also will consider bartering for certain items that relate to my interests.