Well it’s been a long time since I made a post. I have been trying my hand at furniture making. I have made a small secretary desk for my daughter. It came out pretty nice but I think I will stick to guitar making. I have begun construction on 2 spec guitars to display in a local art gallery/guitar shop. One guitar is a DCS bent sides model that will have quilted mahogany back and sides and a quilted maple top. I will most likely put a sunburst on this guitar but I will wait and see when I get to that point. The other spec. guitar will have rosewood back and sides and either a western red cedar top or 30+ year old redwood. This guitar will be 000 cutaway 8 string.  I am incorporating a beveled armrest in the benign cutaway model and depending on how it turns out I will most likely install armrests on the two spec. guitars.