I have started making Cigar Box Guitars and I have to say I am having a blast. I have just completed a version of cigar box guitar called a license plate guitar. I built the box out of spalted maple and used mahogany and walnut for the neck. I used curly maple for the fingerboard and purpleheart for the position markers. The license plate I used is a vintage 1964 Florida tag. I used this plate because I was born in Florida in 1964. I have a single coil pickup and a piezo installed and it sounds great. I now have started 4 more license plate guitars. I have 2 Camo Florida Gator plates for each of my sons. I have a 1962 Florida tag for my Brother and a Florida 1970 tag for my Brother in Law. For my boys I am using spalted maple for the body to match mine and curly maple , walnut, and birdseye maple for the necks. For my Brothers  and Brother in laws bodies I am using some walnut  that I inherited from my Father. This Walnut was salvaged from a building that was constructed in the early 1900s here in Jacksonville. I hope they like them.



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