I was going through my wood storage the other day and noticed an old Silvertone hollowbody that my Father had sitting in his garage for years waiting for restoration. After my Father passed away I inherited it and it has been sitting on my wood pile for about 16 years. I looked at this cheaply made guitar and started doing research on this model. It turns out this was made in 1963 Model 1429 and was sold in the Sears catalog. It had none of the electronics, all the binding was cracked and or missing and all of the finish and sunburst was previously removed. It looked liked bu–. I thought to myself if I only knew someone who could fix this beast up and make it sing again. Thus starting my newest project. I removed all of the old bindings all of the old frets and sanded the fingerboard down and leveled it. I then decided I would laminate it with some beautiful sapele veneer that I had. I have decided to convert this guitar from a 3 pickup to a 2 pickup version. The original guitar came with 3 foil pickups and they are extremely hard to find, so I will attempt to make my own pickups and match the old style foil look. I don’t want to put a lot into this and it might be a total failure but I thought I could give it a try. Who knows it might turn out great.